World Penguin Day Celebrations

April 25 is World Penguin Day, and the team at Little Emperor HQ simply could not pass up an opportunity to celebrate the funny feathered fellows that inspired our name and logo.  So we've put together a few fun penguin facts to spread some wisdom and love this World Penguin Day. 


  • There are 17 recognised species of penguins alive today.
  • All wild species live in the Southern Hemisphere.  Only the Galapagos Penguin ventures into the Northern Hemisphere during long feeding trips.
  • April 25 marks the beginning of the annual northern migration of the Adelie Penguin. 
  • The Emperor Penguin is the tallest of all penguin species.
  • Penguins know the value in being impeccably dressed at all times (maybe that's why we at Little Emperor love them so much).
  • Penguins have been around on Earth for approximately 60 million years.  Humans have been around for approximately 200,000. Respect.

That's the tutorial over.  Now for some serious penguin fun to celebrate these irresistibly charming (not to mention handsome) fellow Earthlings!  

Penguin craft...

A new species, the pink-beaked penguin has been observed in the Ross Sea!

Penguins are masterful photobombers...

Penguin bosses keep a watchful eye over work in the Little Emperor studio...

Nap time.


Wishing you and your little ones a Happy World Penguin Day!

Love from Little Emperor


Apr 24, 2014

Hahahaha i didn’t even know there was day for penguins. love the photobomb :)

Apr 24, 2014

Enjoyed reading the facts on penguins.
Also the cute little guys on their personal icebergs too! Thanks for the effort you have
made .

Elaine bold
Apr 24, 2014

Love the Happy Feet!

Apr 24, 2014

Cutest post ever xx


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