Trains, planes and Valentine's Day

For me, one of the best aspects of being around little ones is the trip down memory lane they provide.

Remember this?

Potato stamps!


In the past I have cut shapes into potatoes by free hand, but this time I opted for cookie cutters. Quick and easy.

Two large potatoes gave us four stamps...


My little empress has recently done some Valentine’s Day themed activities at daycare and was super keen to continue this theme at home... 


She also happens to be a fan of modes of transport, hence the cars and planes.  Hmmmm, Valentine's Day and transport make for an interesting combination...

So neat!

Car and aeroplane frenzy.

Yes that is a painted green stick in the middle. Nothing is safe when we get the paints out!


The results make for a colourful change of scenery in my little girl’s bedroom, and I think we may even use some as wrapping paper.

Wishing you and the little ones in your life a happy Valentine's Day!

Liz x

Feb 13, 2014

I had forgotten all about potato stamps! These look great too. thx


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