Welcome to Little Emperor

A warm welcome to the beginning of the Little Emperor story!

The journey to get to this point has been one of fun, excitement, children and some laughter.  As well as one of patience, a healthy measure of doubt and many, many lost buttons!

So let’s share with you some of the fun...

Our photo shoot for the Summer 2013/14 collection took place on a blistering hot day in Brisbane. Thankfully our location was a shady private garden, a perfect oasis in which to bring to life the garden story of our inaugural summer range.

Come behind the scenes with designer Liz, and of course Little Emperor’s first three cuties, Joseph, Ada and Scarlett.


'Hibiscus' dress in the making.


Brainstorming brand ideas.


Is there anything sweeter than sunshine in children's hair?



Our gorgeous branding coming to life!


And finally, we just can't get enough of this pic of the ethereal Ada!


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